Google Photos undo buttons to fast forward and rewind


Shortly after officially announcing the Pixel 4a, Google has just brought the forward and backward video buttons back to Google Photos. The news is not new, considering that the service had already received the resource in 2016, but saw its departure shortly after. The move is also not surprising, as the search giant often removes and adds certain functions from time to time from its applications.

The buttons will appear next to the play command, and will allow users to fast forward and rewind the media in certain time jumps, similar to what is seen on YouTube. However, the novelty is not yet available to all users, being linked to the company’s servers, so it may take a while before it is globally present.

It is worth remembering that the search giant had already made available to users of the service also through updates on its server a new feature that allows to silence videos during their playback. By clicking on the small speaker-shaped button on the lower right side of the screen, it is possible to control whether or not the content on display will output audio.

Google Photos has also undergone a visual overhaul recently, with a more minimalist interface and new logo. The new version of the service not only eliminated the side menu, facilitating the use of those who have active gesture navigation on the smartphone, but also received a map with history of the location of the stored photos and a library page, which concentrates the different categories of photos and functions .

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