Google Photos receives video editor with more than 30 tools


Google Photos has started to comprehensively receive an integrated video editor that brings more than 30 image tools. The novelty has been available since March to a select group of users, but has now officially arrived in the Android version of the application.

The video editor is not limited to Pixel phones and can also be used on other devices with the Google operating system. The novelty is being distributed through a server update and has already started to be released in Brazil.

The revised Google Photos video editor is so powerful that the previous interface has practically become the home page of the updated version. The novelty brings more than 30 image tools divided into tabs, including repositioning, cropping functions, color and light adjustments, filters and markings.

For those who have already been awarded the update, the new video editor can be accessed by pressing the “Edit” option on any Google Photos video. During the first use, the application will display a message advising about the news to work with the images.

Google Photos is already installed at the factory on several Android smartphones and the latest version of the app can be downloaded from the Play Store. The application can also be used on iOS, but there is still no release forecast for the new video editor in the version for iPhones and iPads.