Google Photos Organizes Saved Memories and Launches Folders With Password


Google Photos: This Tuesday (18), on the first day of Google I / O 2021, more news was also announced for Google Photos. With more than four trillion images, videos, screenshots and more saved in the company’s cloud, Google now wants users to rediscover important moments using the Memories function.

The company says it can be difficult to find the best moments created by the artificial intelligence (AI) of the Photos app. Also, that users were heard for changes to be made. The idea is to make the user look back and relive significant moments, but with control over what will be revisited.

Google Photos memories appear on cards at the top of the app. They bring moments based on specific dates, like photographs taken a year ago, for example. What changes, with the announcement, is that the images will be analyzed with more context.

Using machine learning, he will be able to gather the content based on visual themes and patterns. These patterns involve shapes or colors that will help the app to understand that certain images are from the same moment. These “little patterns”, in the example of Google, can mean a backpack that appears in different places – on someone’s back, on the floor, on a table.

The same happens with objects of similar textures, “like coffee mugs, to gather some moments of the type”. According to the company, the new function will already have a good presentation at the end of this year during the festive period. Now, users can now test new memories with the “best of the month” and travel highlights.

“By themselves, these photos may not be the most significant, but when you see them all together, they tell a story – your story,” says the ad, stressing that this data is private and visible only to the user.

Controlling memories

Google also understands that not all memories can please. “Whether it’s a breakup, a defeat or some other difficult time, we don’t want to relive everything.” The company highlights the function of hiding photos of certain “people or time periods”, and promises to make these adjustments easier to find in the app in the future.

In addition to further adjustments to memories, such as renaming or removing highlights or specific photos, Photos also has a secure password-protected folder. The folder will be launched initially on cell phones of the Pixel line, and throughout the year “will arrive on more Android devices”.

Another novelty announced in the application is Cinematic Moments. When the user captures some images to find a perfect moment, the application will be able to create a movement between two “almost identical images and fill in the gaps with new frames”.

The function is based on neural networks to create movement in the images. The company cites that the feature works with two almost identical images, but that both need not have been captured by the same device at the same time.


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