Google Photos now allows you to create albums even without internet


Google Photos will allow users to manage content offline. Long awaited, the new feature will make it possible to create albums and add photos and videos to them even when you are not connected to the internet.

According to the information, users will be able to handle new and old files and move them to existing albums even when offline. Then, changes will be made when the devices connect to Google’s servers.

Although Google Photos will no longer be a free platform for backing up images in June of this year, it continues to be used by several Android users. Mainly, those who like to keep media galleries organized.

With the offline mode of the app, this will make life easier for many people who want to make changes almost automatically. In other words, it eliminates the need to always be connected to be able to organize files.

The new Google Photos feature is slowly being released for the latest versions of the app. If the user has not yet received the update, the suggestion is to download the software only through the Play Store.

More from Google Photos

Google Photos recently received an update for the video editor. The new version adds more than 30 image tools to the application, collaborating with several users – especially content creators.

Another novelty that will arrive on the platform in 2021 is the tool that puts a “3D cinematographic” effect in simple 2D photos. The animations will be generated with the help of Machine Learning and will appear in the recall tab of the app.


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