Google Photos: new lens-powered feature to the website


Google Photos makes it possible to scan text on the photo accessed from the Desktop on the website and copy this text to be pastable. Google’s Lens technology is the basis of this opportunity.

Lens has been an important part of Android for a long time. The introduction of lens’ optical character recognition feature to the desktop can be very useful in transferring real-world text to a computer.

Although it is stated in the news of 9to5Google that the large-scale distribution of the feature has started, it is understood that the update has not reached all users yet. The way to check this is not difficult.

When you go to Google Photos‘ website and select a photo with text in it, and the option “Copy text from image” appears, it means that the new feature has been activated. It can be said that this will be quite functional especially for those who prepare a homework or project and want to transfer the text from a printed source to the computer.

It is possible to see the capabilities of Google Lens in the Google Photos app on iOS as well as on Android. The first innovation brought to the desktop is the ability to copy text from pictures. It can be said that Google’s addition of other features to the list in the upcoming period will delight users.


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