Google Photos is No Longer Free; These Are The 5 Best Free Alternatives


Google Photos: We all like to keep our memories well guarded without fear of losing them at a certain moment. Thanks to smartphones, it is possible to save many files simultaneously not only on the device itself, but also on the services in the cloud. And this is where we have to emphasize today after learning that Google Photos will no longer be free. And is that if you were a user of the service you may be interested in knowing new free alternatives to save your photos.

What are the alternatives to Google Photos

Well yes, Google has decided that if you want to use its photographic storage service you will have to go to the checkout. This may not be very funny to users, especially those who have pulled it over time and for which they have not paid a penny. But the time has come to change and that is why we show you which are the 5 best free alternatives to


On the Internet you will find many services where you can take your files. Some of them are still free and one of those options is OneDrive. This is Microsoft’s option and where you only need your email account to start using it. In addition, the space is quite generous, since we are talking about 5 GB at zero cost. Therefore, if you do not have an account with the Redmond company, it may be a good time to do so.

Apple iCloud

Another classic among the classics. In this case, the alternative to Google Photos is none other than its great Apple rival that is iCloud. The cloud service of the bitten apple also operates with 5 Gb free and free space as a customer of the company, so if you have a device from Cupertino you can access this service and gain that extra space where you can save your photos.


This is one of the best known pages on the Internet. Flickr is for many a page where you can find photos of all kinds and for which, in some cases, you will have to pay to download them. But let’s get to the interesting thing, and that is that if you make an account in this service you can save a total of 1,000 photos that will remain in a private state as long as you configure it.


Another classic remote storage service to replace Google Photos. In this case, with Dropbox you have somewhat more limited space compared to the previous options since it gives you a small free space of 2 GB free.

Amazon photos

We come to the last option you can have to take your Google Photos files to another platform. We find the Amazon platform, where you also have the option where you have another 5 GB in which to save photos and videos. These are also synchronized directly from the smartphone, which will help a lot to keep your files always safe.


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