Google Photos’ Interface Updated for Easier Use


Google has updated the Photos app it released for Android users and made the app interface more useful. Although the updated interface does not contain major changes in design, it increases the functionality of the application.

Google has released an update for the Google Photos app used on Android. Trying to make the application functional for users to use the Photos application more frequently, Google has made some important changes in the interface with its latest update.

The first noticeable change in the new update of Google Photos is the disappearance of the search bar and menu button at the top of the application screen. Google also removed the menu button from Maps with the update it released recently. Apparently, Google doesn’t want to use the menu button at the top of the screen in the new period.

There is no search bar in the new interface, it is located as an icon at the bottom of the screen. The bottom navigation bar has also expanded with the new search button. The bottom navigation bar, which previously had 4 options, now includes 5 options such as Photos, Search, For You, Share and Library.

Google added a feature called ‘memories’ to the app’s home screen. This feature, which looks similar to Instagram Stories, shows your photos uploaded to the app in the past. Under Memories, your photos continue to be sorted from current to old.

The Library button that comes to the bottom navigation bar of Google Photos seems to replace the removed menu button. Under the Library section, there are options such as Device Folders, Favorites, Albums, Archives, Trash and Utilities.

The new update of Google Photos has been published on the Play Store. By updating the application on the Play Store, you can use Google Photos with its new features and changed interface. If Google Photos is not available on your phone, you can download it from the links below.


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