Google Photos Ends Free Storage

Google Photos ends free storage space. The Google Photos application allows you to backup many videos and photos. However, with the decision of Google, the area reserved exclusively for the Photos application is coming to an end. The American technology giant, who made this announcement at the end of last year, pointed out the date of June 1 for the last day.

The biggest reason Google made this change is to meet the increasing demands.

Google Photos free storage is ending

Starting June 1, all new photos and videos uploaded to the Google Photos app will be included in the free 15GB capacity that comes with every Google account (or additional space purchased as a Google One member). The services included in the 15 GB capacity that came with a Google account were previously Drive and Gmail. However, with the new decision, Photographs also join these services.

You can continue to use the Photos app as before until June 1. If your stored photos and videos have a large capacity, we recommend that you back them up as soon as possible. Free storage provided by Google Photos will not change for Pixel users. Pixel users will be exempt from this change.

The demand for the Google Photos application, which was introduced about 5 years ago and allows you to view photos / videos on the phone without restrictions, is quite high. More than 4 trillion photos are stored in the Google Photos app. Moreover, users add 28 billion new photos and videos every week. In order to keep up with the increasing demand and to provide better service, changes are being made to the unlimited storage policy that comes with Google Photos application.

If photos and videos you upload to cloud storages are very important to you, we recommend a local backup solution. The best hardware that can be used for this is HDDs and SSDs with high storage capacity.



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