Google Photos Coming With New Search Result Filters


Google Photos is testing a new feature that will make it easier for users to find the photos and videos they’re looking for. Users will be able to filter search results according to different content formats when searching for photos of a particular person in Google Photos.

According to the news of Android Police; Users will be able to filter search results by options such as favorites, videos, selfies, collages, animations, movies, screenshots, archive and motion pictures. The option to filter the image according to the device on which it was uploaded is currently not available.

It is worth noting that the search filters in question are not fixed to a specific version yet. This means that the filters are currently being tested on some accounts with updates on the server side.

The ability to filter by search terms within Google Photos has been available for a long time. When users say “Show X selfies”, they can first see all the photos of that person and then their selfies.


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