Google Photos already lets you zoom in on videos


We all want to have our photos well organized in one place and never lose them. To avoid loss, you can always rely on a portable hard drive where you can put all the images, but the cloud solution is always an opportunity. If you are a user of an Android terminal, you know that Google Photos will always be with you. Now it is the app that gives you more functions, specifically one that lets you zoom in on the videos.

Zoom in on Google Photos videos

Thanks to the gesture system of the touch screens we have had very useful functions with a single touch. Selecting files is one of them, but if you are a fan of audiovisual content, you have surely mastered the tweaks and extensions of screens. The most correct terminology to name them is zoom in and zoom out, something that no longer only applies to photos.

Video players let you use these same gestures in order to better interact with the content. These arrive so that you zoom in on a certain part of the video and return to recompose it to the entire screen. But although they seem like gestures that all systems have, the truth is that there are some that are still waiting and Google Photos will no longer be on this list.

The latest update from the Mountain View house is that Google Photos finally includes gestures every time you play a video. As you have already done on occasion, each time you play a video you will only have to make a gesture to look at the details that a specific part has. As 9to5Google says, this feature will be available throughout 2021, so it will be a matter of time to see how the firm integrates this long-awaited feature by many.

Do you really need a Zoom feature in Google Photos?
You may have this question in mind, if a Zoom function is necessary in the videos of a photo management app. The truth is that the answer is a clear yes and everything or it has to do with current video technologies. Maybe if you have a video recorded in 720 you will not see such sharp detail, but those who already use 4K and 8K will surely notice the big difference. It is in these videos where the detail is very present and in which zooming does not disappoint at all


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