Google Photos Adds ‘Best Photos Of 2021’ Collection


Google Photos has started to release a new collection of memories, as reported by 9to5Google this Wednesday (8), which recalls the best photographs taken by users throughout the year. The records can be viewed in the “Best of 2021” section.

According to the publication, the photos are selected by the artificial intelligence (AI) of Google’s image storage and sharing service. The collection consists only of photographs uploaded to the platform in the last 12 months.

Unlike what happens in memoirs that are routinely available, this specific end-of-the-year collection doesn’t seem to follow a pattern. The AI ​​displays a random number of photos taken from the user’s library, taking into account only the requirement that they have been published this year.

As these are records automatically chosen by Google Photos, some of the images presented may not be exactly “the best photos you took throughout the year”, as the site notes. They are also not displayed in date order, which can cause some confusion.

Where to find the collection

Launched without any disclosure from the Mountain View giant, at least so far, the “Best of 2021” collection is displayed on the Google Photos app’s home screen. The special album is at the top of the “Photos” tab, with other AI-generated memories of the service.

It is noteworthy that the novelty is not yet available to all users, but should be widely distributed in the coming days, making a retrospective of the best images recorded in recent months through the lens of your cell phone.

At the end of the year, the platform brought more new features, such as the long-awaited secure folder, where you can save photos and videos that are password-protected. The button that helps find duplicate images was another recent addition, helping to free up storage space on your account.