Google: Phone App Gets Voice Caller ID


Google‘s calling app, Telephone (or “Phone”, in the gringa), finally got a voice caller ID. Although it is a basic feature, which should have been present in the program for some time, it was only implemented now, after a few months in development. The novelty, in fact, was first identified in September 2020 through an APK.

With this, the caller’s name or phone number will be announced not only through text on the screen, but also “out loud”. Thus, users will not need to check their cell phone whenever they receive a call, since the identification will be made by the cell phone speaker or the headset. This novelty also makes the app more accessible, as it will make it possible, at least in part, to be used by people with visual impairments.

How to activate the novelty?

Initially, the feature was located in the “Advanced Settings” menu. But with the new layout, it became easier to find him. To access it, just go to Settings> Caller ID announcement> Caller ID announcement. At this point, three activation options will be displayed: only with headset; ever; and never. Choose the one you prefer, and that’s it!

It is worth remembering that the resource arrives at the application shortly after the call recording tool, which allows to automatically record incoming calls from unknown numbers.


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