Google Pay Now Shows Covid-19 Vaccine Card


Google Pay: This Wednesday (30), the search giant announced that the payment application Google Pay, from now on, will save and display data related to the receipt of vaccines against covid-19. In this way, defends the company, such information will become much more accessible at times when it is required, such as on international trips and the like.

Implemented in the update of the Google Pay for Passes API, already used for the registration of non-financial documents, the novelty does not require traditional paper cards. Vaccination can be proven by generating a QR Code.

For this, it is necessary that health providers responsible for the application of immunization agents integrate the launch to their systems – for now, limited to certain institutions in the United States and, of course, to those who use Android.

How to access?

The novelty arrived as part of Android’s Play Services, eliminating the login limitations of Google Pay, which allows saving the vaccination card in several devices. Anyway, as the file is not stored in the cloud, the distribution must be done manually by the desired electronics.

Once that’s done, just add a shortcut to the home screen, if you like, to quickly access the registry, something done by password entry or biometric scanning.

In addition to manufacturer identification and basic information such as name, date of birth and dose administration date, when selecting the “Details” option, immunization sites and lot numbers are displayed.

First, the Google Pay enhancement will only serve the US country and will reach users over the next few weeks. The web giant plans to release the functionality in more regions shortly thereafter.

Agencies and companies interested in the program need to contact Google to join the initiative.


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