Google Pay Launches Sending Money To People Abroad


Google Pay: In addition to being one of the most used digital platforms today, Google Pay starts this Tuesday (11) in the United States the service of transferring money to users abroad, initially to India and Singapore. The expectation is that, by the end of the year, the functionality will be available in more than 200 countries worldwide.

Operating in partnership with Western Union and Wise, traditional international money transfer companies, the new Google Pay service was based on a recent Mastercard study called “Payments without borders”. It showed that 73% of people regularly send money abroad.

How to send money abroad via Google Pay?

In order to send money to your relatives or friends who reside in other countries, the recipient must first be registered with Google Pay. When you find the person’s name, just tap “Pay” and select Western Union or Wise. Then just follow the steps to complete the transfer.

In the testing phase in the United States, all transfers made through the Google app until June 16 will be entirely free when sent by Western Union, and a first free transfer for new customers in the case of Wise.

Uncomplicated remittance of money abroad can be a great social benefit, especially during the pandemic, when at least US $ 700 billion was sent by people abroad to their friends and family in their countries of origin. to pay your basic expenses, according to Mastercard.


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