Google to Pay 1.5 Million Dollars to Android Open Finders


Google to Pay 1.5 Million Dollars to Android Open Finders.

Google, Pixel phones used in the Titan M chip and Android developer versions announced that will find huge rewards announced. Google’s promise for Android and Pixel phones to find the vulnerability of the award this time the company’s largest prize announced.

Google, Pixel 3 devices introduced with Titan M chip that can develop a code that could create a security vulnerability of $ 1 million, Android’s “specific developer preview versions” of those who find the vulnerability announced that the $ 1.5 million reward. This promise, which Google promises, is much higher than expected. Google announced on Thursday that they have awarded the highest $ 200.00 award in the award program at this time.

Google has paid a total of $ 1.5 million over the past 12 months. In 2019, the company paid a maximum of $ 161,337 to someone who made a mistake. Since 2010, Google is giving awards to people who find a vulnerability in Chrome. Last July, the company raised its award to $ 30,000 for Chrome vulnerabilities. In other words, the award that Google promises now is much higher than the awards it has given so far.

As the amount of awards that Google will pay for the errors found increases, the rewards of companies operating in this field started to increase. ZDNet, the award will be given to those who will find open for the first time on iOS, the award of those who find the deficits in the Android remains below.

Casey Ellis, founder and CTO of award-winning software vulnerability detection company Bugcrowd, said that Google’s upgrade was due to the fact that the ability to find security vulnerabilities on devices was rare.

Ellis continued his statement, “Google, by encouraging hackers, especially between the white and black line can break the stance for those who make the prey more error,” he said.

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