Google Opens Vacancies For Research Incentive Program


This Thursday (26), Google announced vacancies for the ninth edition of its program to encourage research in Latin America, the Latin American Research Awards (LARA). Applications will be open until September 24, 2021 and will accept Master’s and Doctorate projects, with a scholarship of up to US$ 1,200, approximately R$ 6,300 in direct conversion.

The program aims to support the work of Latin American universities, with the aim of recognizing research projects that contribute to the development of local communities. US$ 500,000 will be distributed to projects by local universities that demonstrate a rapprochement between research, economy and society.

The 2021 edition will focus on research in the area of ​​Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, as well as studies on covid-19 and health management during the pandemic. The research fields covered in LARA 2021 will be:

DEI(Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)
Health / COVID-19
Geo / Maps;
Interaction between humans and computers;
Retrieving, extracting and organizing information (including semantic graphics);
Internet of Things (including smart cities);
Machine learning (machine learning) and data mining (data mining);
Mobile devices;
Natural language processing;
Physical interfaces and immersive experiences;
Other topics related to web searches.

Monthly scholarships range from $1,200 for the student and $750 for the teacher in the Golden program, and $750 for the student and $675 for the teacher who belongs to the Master’s program.

In this edition, students who receive the LARA Research Fellowship will be able to apply to Google’s Student Research Program, which will enable collaboration with the company’s researchers in one of the offices in North America.


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