Google Opened the Cloud Healthcare API to the Public


US-based technology giant Google operates in many different fields. Cloud systems are one of the areas in which the company operates. Google combines its new service with cloud systems and healthcare.

Google today announced the publicly available Cloud Healthcare API. This service developed by Google will alleviate the burden of data exchange between healthcare solutions built on Google Cloud. This API; it will allow organizations to pull and manage data from a range of inputs and systems. Then, the organizations will analyze this data with artificial intelligence and machine learning that protect privacy.

The Google Healthcare API will be able to alleviate the burden on health systems due to the coronavirus outbreak. In its statement, Google said that data sequences are very difficult for health services, even in the best cases. The API will enable data providers to interact with the data using their health plans.

Google Cloud Healthcare API:
Could Healthcare API; It includes data loss measures, rules, identity management and encryption solutions. Users can choose the regions where their data is stored and have management policies such as less authorization. In addition, users can track all actions that affect their data, thanks to the integration with Cloud Audit Logs.

This new service of Google also includes automatic identity hiding. In this way, personal data can be deleted or hidden so that companies cannot use it. In his blog post, Google said, “You can simplify custom machine learning model trainings, develop tests quickly, and use machine learning models at the production level, along with Google Cloud’s analytics and machine learning tools.”

Cloud Healthcare API came up with the beta version a year before it was released publicly. The first release of the API took place two years ago. Of course, Google is not unrivaled in this area. Microsoft also has the Azure API. In Microsoft’s service, organizations can interact and communicate with all systems that support Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources.


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