Google One Starts Offering 5TB Storage Plan


Google One, a subscription service for unified cloud storage of data from Gmail, Google Drive and Google Photos, is introducing the 5TB option to its menu of plans. Present in Brazil since 2018, the service offers a 15 GB free plan and, so far, three paid subscription options. The service became more popular from the beginning of this year, when Google Photos came to an end.

Google One currently offers three types of plans for all accounts: 100GB Basic (for R$6.99/month or R$69.99/year); the 200GB Standard (for R$9.99/month or R$99.99/year) and the 2TB Premium (R$34.99/month or R$349.99/year). The service includes access to experts, option to add the family and other benefits, such as Google Play credits, special discounts at hotels and more.

How to hire the Google One 5TB plan?

According to the website 9TO5Google, the decision to create the 5TB plan came after a survey conducted among North American users, who pay US$9.99 (R$52) for the 2TB plan and would like to get more storage space, but they found the 10 TB plan (not available in Brazil) a little “salty” which costs US$99.99 (R$517).

Coming to meet this intermediate demand, the 5 TB plan has not been officially announced and is not yet available in Brazil, where it will probably reach R$174.99/month or R$1,749.99/year. To check availability, simply go to the Google One storage page by clicking this link.


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