Google One offers free cloud backup for Android and ios


In 2018, Google decided to revamp its Drive storage plans, presenting users with a solution called One, which brought not only space in the cloud but several new features.

The novelty landed in Brazil in August, about three months after its announcement, and offers plans that start at R $ 6.99 a month.

One of the extras that drew a lot of attention was the possibility of making backups, by the way, even on devices running iOS. This week Google decided to release this service to everyone, however, there are some important limitations.

The free backup can only store up to 15 GB of data, which for many is little, however, those who do not have dozens of games or hundreds of photos and videos will be able to enjoy the service without paying anything. For these users it is interesting to activate automatic backup and protect data in case something happens to their smartphone.

Anyway, the space is up to three times greater than what Apple offers, for example, on iCloud for non-paying users (only a measly 5 GB).

Users will be able to manage their Google One backups through a new app, which will be available soon. It should store contacts, videos, photos and even events noted in the calendar. Free backup tools will hit the Play Store and App Store in the coming days.


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