Google One offers free backup for Android or iOS phones


Google One, a paid storage service launched in 2018 by Google, has gained a new feature that does not require a subscription and is valid for both Android smartphones and iPhones.

The novelty is an automatic backup function of all data on your device, including photos, videos, contacts, documents, calendar and messages. This way, you have a security reserve with all your information, in case of theft of the device, loss or simply changing the device for a more modern model.

On Android, the feature will be available as a simple function, even for those who do not have a paid account on Google One. On iOS, a new application will be launched on the App Store, allowing the operation also without charging anything. The animated GIF below, shared by the company itself, shows how fast and intuitive the process is.

The available space is the same as the 15 GB released for free Google accounts. Interested in expanding storage can subscribe to Google One, which gives more GBs for use in services like Google Drive and Gmail. Subscriptions start at R $ 6.99 monthly and the service is available in Brazil.

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