Google Officially Launches Verified Logo Support for Gmail


Google: This Monday (12), Google officially launched support for the BIMI (Brand Indicators of Message Identification) protocol for all Gmail users. It is a protection layer based on advanced cryptography and digital certificates. Briefly, the novelty allows the insertion of verified logos in emails, displayed only when reputable companies send their contents.

The measure, first tested in 2020 with a small portion of the platform, promises to show the arrival of counterfeit materials produced by scammers or malicious groups. This prevents people from becoming victims of phishing, for example – and trust in messages is improved.

Although several organizations already benefit from SPF (server address authentication), DKIM (digital signature) and DMARC (dedicated to actions related to unauthorized content, such as email redirection to spam boxes), the news it is a visual indication to the recipient, who makes use of clear clues for possible mistrust.

Benefits and drawbacks

Until then, only AOL, Fastmail and Yahoo had the BIMI protocol. A test conducted by Verizon in 2018 revealed that third-party customers who have integrated their channels into functionality experienced a 10% engagement increase, ensuring substantial marketing benefits.

In any case, to take advantage of the launch, it is necessary to overcome technical obstacles, such as the achievement of the VMC (DigiCert Verified Mark) certificate, necessary for the authentication of ownership of logos – for now only granted by DigiCert and Entrust. Fortunately, the list of authorities will expand in the future, indicates the entity responsible for the approach.


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