Google Offers Stadia Premiere Edition to UK Subscribers


Google: Launched in 2019, Google Stadia wanted to revolutionize the gaming industry, but so far, it has failed in this endeavor. And it seems that the project has not been delivering the expected result — which seems to have led the company to offer the Premiere edition of the platform to subscribers in the United Kingdom.

The gift is being offered to Stadia Pro subscribers residing in the region, who are receiving messages offering the possibility to re-subscribe to the service to win a “surprise gift”.

Reddit users shared the email message they received, offering to reactivate their subscription in exchange for a Premiere edition kit.

“Curious to see what you’re missing?” says the e-mail message. “Go back to Stadia Pro and get a Stadia Premiere Edition — a Stadia Control and a Google Chromecast Ultra on us,” ends the text, indicating that in addition to the subscription fee, a kit shipping fee may also be charged.

Users who choose to accept the promotion must pay a monthly fee for the streaming service. After payment, they receive an email with a code, which must be redeemed from the Google Store.

As there is no loyalty plan of any kind, with the company stating that the service can be canceled at any time, subscribers can pay as little as £8.99 and receive the Premiere Edition (which costs £69.99, something around R$ $510 in direct conversion based on current quote).

According to 9to5Google, this may be an attempt by the company to get rid of the Stadia Premiere Edition stock. For now, the promotion seems restricted to users of Google’s streaming service in the UK.

Last year, Stadia was the center of attention after statements by a director of the platform. In October, Alex Hutchinson said on Twitter that he thought streamers should pay developers to stream gameplay of their games online. The controversy prompted Google to speak out a few days later, saying Hutchinson’s posts “do not reflect the views of Stadia, YouTube or Google.”

As early as February this year, six Stadia development studios were closed in the US and Canada. The company said it was restructuring the business to focus on partnerships, but an inside source reportedly said the move was an attempt to avoid mass layoffs. According to a Bloomberg article, the action would reflect Google’s astronomical spending on streaming games.


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