Google offers “Soli Sandbox” app to encourage use of Pixel 4 radar technology


One of the biggest highlights of Pixel 4 was the implementation of the radar developed by Google’s Soli Project. In tests carried out in the laboratory, the technology showed impressive feats, such as defining the weight and even the composition of objects just by analyzing the way the sound waves were reflected. Unfortunately, when arriving at the search giant’s smartphone, Soli was limited to simple gestures to perform system commands.

The company has been trying to make the feature more useful and interesting to users, and has even released new gestures with the monthly update in March. Now, Google goes further with the launch of Soli Sandbox, an app that brings together experiences created with the Pixel 4 radar in mind. The novelty allows users to test possible interactions with Soli using the four known gestures.

There are four experiments available that involve the presence, approach, drag and touch recognition of the sensor. Despite this, the company reinforces that the service is not aimed at creating apps, but to understand how the feature works.

For those interested in learning more about how to use Soli in their own applications, the Mountain View giant has prepared a manual with all the information needed to start developing applications that use radar. It is important to note, however, that access to Soli is only available in some countries, and requires the latest version of the Motion Bridge service installed on the Pixel 4.

Although very welcome, Google’s stance in encouraging the creation of novelties for Soli is quite curious, considering recent rumors about the Pixel 5. It is believed that the company may abandon the sensor in its next smartphone, making the measure counterintuitive today.


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