Google Now Releases the 29 February Doodle Special for the Day


Google has released a special Doodle for the day – February 29, every 4 years. Clicking on Google’s Day Doodle now provides information and news about the Day.

Today, we are going through a special day that we will live every four years. February 29 is a special day that allows us to adapt our calendars to the movement of the Earth around the Sun. Since this special day is added to complete the calendars every 4 years, it is now called the day or the day of the year. Because it now adds to the calendar every 4 years due to the day, it is 366 days different from the years that were 365 days that year.

Google has also prepared a special Doodle for the day. On the Google Doodle page, “This is to keep our calendar in sync with the Earth rotating around the Sun. We could no longer synchronize for about 6 hours a year without a day. ”

Google has now prepared a Doodle to remind the Sun for the Day and the days of the calendar. The Doodle image, published for February 29, was created by the artist Olivia Huynh. Clicking on the Doodle of Leap Day, prepared by Oliva Huynh, lists pages with information and news about Leap Day.

February 29 – Google’s special Doodle, now prepared for the day, is visible everywhere, except for the two countries of the world, by entering the Google search engine. Doodles prepared for the birthday of writer NH Dini in Indonesia and for elections in Slovenia can be seen in these countries. Turkey could be reached in about now days when we entered the Turkish source to Google.


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