Google now lets you see cars in augmented reality


A new augmented reality feature announced by Google promises to facilitate the analysis of cars in their searches. If it was already possible to visualize models of animals, routes and the like, the giant decided to expand this type of experience, bringing a resource that can prove to be a great help to both consumers and concessionaires during the pandemic.

Initially available to users in the United States, for now, Volvo and Porsche vehicles were covered by the solution. When selecting one of the compatible options, it is up to the user to define the background, which can be generic or real, using the camera.

To do this, just select the “Explore” button on the automaker’s “Information Panel” and then “View in 3D” – which allows you to check internal and external details of the units. More than 250 different cars are already part of the solution, exclusively for Android.

New car? Google it!

In models updated by the novelty, changing the colors of vehicles is supported and aspects such as materials used in the seats and buttons included on steering wheels are also shown. “If you’re looking for a new car, you’ll soon be able to search for it on Google and see an augmented reality option right in front of you,” points out the company.

As expected, new partnerships should expand the experience in the future, and the company, of course, is already behind it. “When you can’t go into stores to check a product up close, AR can bring the showroom to you,” he argues.

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