Google now highlights exactly what you wanted within the search


Google is making its search engine even more efficient with the launch of a feature that highlights sections of pages, highlighting precisely the part of the text that contains the information related to the term sought by the user. The feature works in conjunction with those boxes that appear at the top of the search results, which try to bring the information directly, without the user having to access the site.

If the user clicks on the link in that highlighted box, the website will be opened and the page will be scrolled to the part of the text that Google deems most important, and the section will be highlighted in yellow, as if it had been marked with a conventional texts.

See how the feature works by looking at the screenshots below:

Google developer Danny Sullivan said in a Twitter post that the feature had been implemented on AMP pages since 2018, and began testing on HTML pages last year.

Functioning of the feature will depend on the browser

According to Google, the full functionality of the feature, including the text highlighted in yellow, will depend on compatibility with the browser.

In a quick test conducted by The Verge, the novelty worked 100% on Chrome for desktop and mobile Safari. In Edge and Safari for desktop, the text highlighted in yellow did not appear.

Problems aside, we can imagine that Google’s new search feature will be fully compatible with the most popular browsers within a few weeks.

What about ads on pages?

It is a fact that Google’s new feature will help users find information more quickly, on the internet. However, while searches take users directly to relevant information, ads that keep many sites up and running can lose visibility.

From now on, it is possible that the market will be “forced” to find new alternatives to place ads on web pages.


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