Google Now Gives Children a Fairy-Tale Feature


Voice assistants continue to make our lives easier with the new skills they gain every day. One of these voice assistants, Google Now, a feature that will make children smile. Children will now be able to listen to tales from their voice, especially ‘My Storytime’, even when their parents are away.

With a strong position in the competition of voice assistants, Google Now is improving its capabilities day by day. This time, the new ability of Google Now, which also works on Google’s Nest, is aimed at families with children. Thanks to the new feature, children who love to listen to their parents, even if they are away from their parents can continue to listen to their fairy tales.

This new feature, called My Storytime, allows parents to record fairy tales and storytelling at any time. So even if they’re away, the kids can feel them around whenever they want. In particular, the children of those who are on military duty, working in remote countries, or on periodical trips will be able to easily overcome their longing with the feature called My Storytime.

Google released a promotional video for My Storytime:
Google also opens a separate website to record stories remotely, directs users to the registration screen after logging into the account, so that stories can be transferred to the device connected to the internet. Users can also add a private conversation to the beginning of the fairy tales. In this way, the real intimacy between parents and the child can be transferred to Google Now.

This feature, which is thought to contribute to the mental and emotional development of young children, may prevent children of divorced couples from staying away from the other parent. See the video above for how the system works. Let’s add that this feature announced by Google with the slogan ‘happy families’ cannot be used due to the fact that Nest is not in use in our country.

As before, the company may make certain Nest features available in Google Now on phones in countries where Nest is not on sale. Of course we need more time to see this.


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