Google News Showcase launches in the UK and Argentina


Expanding its presence globally, the Google News Showcase service, which remunerates news producers, was launched in two more countries on Wednesday (10), becoming available in Argentina and the United Kingdom.

The service acts as a kind of local news aggregator, bringing together content produced by newspapers, websites, agencies and independent companies, among free and paid articles, which are offered to users for free on the Google News app for Android, on mobile device browsers. and iOS Discover.

In the United Kingdom, the News Showcase starts showing content from 120 partners, including vehicles such as The Telegraph, The Independent, The Financial Times, Evening Standard, Midland News Association and Reuters, among others. In Argentina, the tool will show news from 40 local producers, covering publications such as Clarin, La Nación, Crónica, Perfil, El Día and El Economista.

According to Google, the tool is beneficial both for companies, which increase their revenues through monthly payments for the content displayed on the service, and for readers, who get free access to quality content and selected by a team of curators .

Coming to more countries soon

In addition to the United Kingdom and Argentina, the Google News Showcase was already available in other countries, with the partnership of more than 450 publications in total, between large and small companies. Germany and Brazil were the first to receive the resource, in June last year – here, it is available in the section “Highlights”.

A few days ago, the platform was also launched in Australia, where the Mountain View company had wanted to make the function available since 2020, but had to postpone the debut after an imbroglio involving the remuneration of publishers, partially resolved.

According to the search giant, the next countries to receive the News Showcase will be France, Japan and Canada.


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