Google; New Features of Search, Maps and Lens


Google carried out the surprise event “Search On”, which it announced recently. Explaining the innovations to its most popular services within the scope of this event, the company offers many new features to the users. In particular, Google Search can now be used much more functionally.

In a news we shared with you recently, we mentioned that the technology giant Google will organize a surprise event. This event called “Search On” took place and Google explained in detail the new features it brought to its services. According to statements made by Google, the company seems to have renewed all of its most popular services.

According to the statements of Google, users; They will now be able to use the Search, Lens and Maps services with their new features. So what innovations do these services offer to users? If you wish, let’s take a detailed look at the innovations Google has brought to its new services.

What’s new in Google Search

According to the statements made by Google, the Search service has had the biggest innovations in the last 10 years. Among these innovations is an impressive question and answer system. According to Google, users can use this feature every time they search in English. In addition, Google Search can now understand misspelled words much better. Saying that a typo is made in 1 out of every 10 searches, Google states that it has improved this situation with artificial intelligence support.

The search service is now better at providing specific information. Google says that it focuses directly on search terms when displaying search results along with the studies. In this way, users will not be forced to find what they are looking for in long websites. Instead, that specific information will be displayed directly to the user.

Google Search can also identify key moments in videos. According to Google’s statements, users will be able to directly access the most important points of a video thanks to artificial intelligence. The feature, which is currently in the testing phase, will be available for 10 percent of the content on Google at the end of the year. According to Google, this feature will be especially useful when watching videos related to sports events.

Google Search’s new features are not limited to these. The popular Search application can now understand subtopics related to a search term. To illustrate this with an example, let’s say you searched for home exercise equipment. Google Search will now show subtopics related to that search. For our example search term, users will be able to view premium products or budget-friendly equipment separately.

Google Search also provides a solution to a common problem of many users. You may remember that there was a joke on the internet for a while. “What’s the song whose melody is this? How can I find this song?” Here is the answer to this question will now take place in Google Search. Integrated with the Google Assistant, users will be able to search for a song whose melody they know by muttering. Google also shared a video for this feature.

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Google Search’s humming song finder feature is available for more than 20 languages ​​in the Android ecosystem. However, users in the iOS ecosystem can only experience this feature in English. Google did not give a detailed explanation on the subject, but users in the iOS ecosystem will likely be able to use this feature in more languages.

What’s new in Google Maps

Google Maps could already show the peak hours of a particular place. The company, which decided to expand this feature due to the COVID-19 outbreak, states that it will increase the global scope of this feature by 5 times according to the data in June. Moreover, this feature would be available not only in cafes and restaurants, but also in laundries located abroad. According to Google, this feature will show its new face to iOS, Android and desktop users in a short time.

Another new feature of the Google Maps application is that it will show health and safety information about the locations. With this feature, users will be able to view whether a reservation is required to enter a venue, whether a temperature measurement is made, and whether a mask is required. Google will provide this data directly from businesses.

The latest new feature to Google Maps is again related to the crowd of a location. This feature, which is in the form of a street view, shows how crowded a place you show with a camera is with some symbols. This feature seems to make Google Maps more functional.

What’s new in Google Lens

Google Lens is already a very functional application. This service, which enables the definition of an image, has been able to help students with their homework for a short time. However, Google was not satisfied with these features and made Google Lens suitable for shopping. In this context, users will now be able to access an outfit through Google Lens. Google states that this feature can be used thanks to Style Engine technology.

Another feature added to Google Lens is about cars. Users will then be able to see what a car will look like in the real world using Google Lens. This feature, which can be used in different backgrounds, will also have a zoom feature to examine the details of the vehicle. Google announced that it is working with auto giants such as Volvo and Porsche to make this feature available.


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