Google Nest Hub 2, leaked Google’s new smart device


Home automation is a point where technology has not stopped advancing. There are many companies that launch their proposals to publicize their products, whether they are vacuum cleaners or smart bulbs, refrigerators and self-regulating thermostats in addition to those devices that you need, yes or yes, called hubs. There is more and more and a proof of this is that Google continues to bet on these devices and, as if that were not enough, it improves them as we will see with the filtered Google Nest Hub 2.

This is the new Nest Hub 2

From time to time we find data from devices that have not yet hit the market and that will soon. These leaks sometimes increase the desire to know the device in question and it is something that is seen in all sectors. Today we have to focus on a segment that has more and more followers and is none other than home automation, specifically in the sector of smart screens.

These devices are of great help to users as they have similar characteristics to smart speakers. However, the screen is the big difference since the most relevant data will appear that can help you both at home and with your day-to-day questions. And today we have to talk about the future of Google with its Nest Hub 2 that has been leaked.

We find a 7-inch device on its screen at a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. It has great improvements in sound both in its emission and in its reception. At this point we have to stop for a moment since they incorporate a third more sensitive microphone to capture your voice at a greater distance, although you have a button with which you can turn them off if you want.

One of the improvements comes for those who have this smart screen in the bedroom. Here we find functions that can be very interesting such as its new sleep meter, capable of regulating the temperature and light to promote your sleep, or it even has a function to extend the alarm clock by simply passing your hand over the screen.

Little more expensive than last year’s model

The leak of the Google Nest Hub 2 has revealed another curiosity that will help many to decide whether to buy the new or the old model, and that is that it will cost $ 99. This seems little, but we would still have to add taxes to know the price in euros. Of course, knowing that the current Nest Hub costs 129 euros, its successor should be a little more expensive considering what it costs in dollars.


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