Google Nest Audio: What You Need To Know Before You Buy It


Google Nest Audio: Smart devices have become a trend in the market. Among them are smart speakers or smart speakers, which bring more optimization, practicality and integration with other devices.

Google embraced this idea and launched several models of these devices, and in April the company decided to launch Nest Audio in Brazil, which promises to deliver high quality audio and help the user to put the routine in order.

The main features are similar to competitor models, like an Amazon smart speaker, for example. The differences (advantages and disadvantages) are due to extra features, greater customization capacity, construction, design and audio quality.

That said, let’s detail the features of Nest Audio Google and try to answer all your questions about the product.

Google Nest Audio: What To Know Before You Buy

As we are talking about a Google device, we must emphasize the popularity of the brand’s ecosystem. Any Android phone owner will likely have a Google account to be able to take advantage of services like Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Play Store, Drive, and more. In that sense, Google Assistant also turns out to be the most wanted voice assistant.

As Nest Audio relies on a compatible mobile device to function, which in most cases will be a mobile phone, the Google Assistant settings will already be more or less forwarded as user data is shared across Google services. The more information you provide, the more helpful the company assistant can be when organizing your tasks or returning search results. Also, the more you use the functionality, the more the device learns about you, making the feature more and more relevant. Something that also happens with Alexa, in Amazon equipment.


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