Google Nest Audio hits shelves before the announcement


One of the Google products that is expected to be introduced at the September 30 event is the Nest Audio speaker. There was no need to be patient until the event to confirm the arrival of this product. Photos showing the speaker box on Walmart shelves were shared on Twitter.

Although the packaging of the black Nest Audio can be seen in the photos, it has been seen through leaks that the speaker also has a white color option. The photo of the speaker was previously posted by Google personally to 9to5Google.

It appears that no price has yet been set for Nest Audio at Walmart. However, Roland Quandt of the WinFuture site stated that the price of Nest Audio was entered as $ 100 in Lowe’s product list. Although the corresponding web page is not currently accessible, the information given here about Nest Audio is still available on the internet.

The following statements are used for Nest Audio in the definition section: “Meet Nest Audio. Hear the music the way it was meant to be, with vibrant vocals and room-filling bass. Just say ‘Hey Google’ to play your favorite songs and start listening. Build a home sound system with other Nest speakers. Listen to stereo music anywhere in the house. Or just say “Hey Google, move my music to the bedroom speaker” and it will follow you. ”

Nest Audio isn’t the only new Google device to show up on the internet ahead of its official announcement. The company’s new remote-controlled TV accessory was also spotted on Reddit. It has previously been revealed that this product will be officially named “Chromecast with Android TV”.

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