Google MUM Will Change The Way We Search For Things On The Internet


Google MUM: Google announced, on Tuesday (18), during the Google I / O 2021 event, the MUM (Multitask Unified Model), an evolution of the company’s traditional search engine. Artificial intelligence is able to provide more elaborate answers to questions that would be researched in several stages.

According to the technology giant, MUM will respond in the way that “an expert would.” The platform is trained in 75 languages ​​and not only understands human languages, but also manages to formulate words and phrases.

To exemplify the use of the resource, Google simulated the questioning of an adventurer who climbed Mount Adams and now plans to climb Mount Fuji.

“Since MUM can bring insights based on his deep knowledge of the world, he could point out that, although the two mountains are roughly the same elevation, autumn is the rainy season on Mount Fuji, so you may need a waterproof jacket. MUM can also bring up useful subtopics for deeper exploration – such as the most highly rated equipment or the best training exercises, ”explained the company in a text posted on its official website.


Google pointed out that the technology, which uses the Transformer architecture, as well as the announced LaMDA, can search and consult sources in languages ​​other than what the user is talking about. That is, she can find and translate an article written in Japanese for an English-speaking user.

Another very interesting aspect of the tool is that it not only comprises text, but also images. With that, it is possible to take a picture of something and ask information about it for artificial intelligence.

In the future, MUM (whose English names act as a joke with the word “mother”) should be able to understand audio and video as well. Despite presenting today and saying that the technology is a “milestone”, Google said that it will continue to develop the innovation and that for the time being it should not be available to the public.


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