Google Moves Search Options and Introduces Button to Dark Mode


Google: In the last update to Google’s search page, the web giant moved search options to a button in the top right corner of the site. Right next door, users also realized a new way to activate dark mode. The change is being implemented gradually and not all consumers have received the change.

As can be seen in the image below, the options for choosing languages, hiding explicit content, advanced searches, search history, among others, will be embedded in the upper right corner, next to the user profile.

The 9to5Google technology portal registered the movement of preferences, which are currently in the “tools” tab and in the search bar.

The site was unable to register the presence of the new button for dark mode; the option appears sporadically among a small group of users. However, a reader sent an image from the search engine that shows the existence of the novelty.

Mobile version also receives news

Google is testing the use of wallpapers on the site that match themes searched on Google Images mobile — if you type in “vanilla ice cream”, for example, the food will appear at the bottom of the page.

According to 9to5Google, the change is being introduced in a select group of accounts, works with only a few subjects and has already been tested in 2020. Check it out in more detail in the image above.

In addition to the search engine testing, Google has also started to implement the Material You design pattern in Chrome for mobile phones.


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