‘Google mom’ works on a device for super-hearing


Last Thursday (4), Business Insider reported alleged details about the new project by Alphabet, the conglomerate that owns Google, in a rumor. According to an informant, the semi-secret company “X” (also a subsidiary of the group) is said to be working on a wearable device capable of enabling super-auditory skills. The gadget is a secret project and was codenamed “Wolverine”, with several prototype models produced since 2018, with the beginning of research.

According to the informant, a former employee and participant in the project, Wolverine is still in the early stages of development, but already has a team of experienced professionals in the field. Even with the necessary experience, most of the prototypes developed by the team were incompatible with the basic idea of ​​a discreet wearable device, due to the large format required to house the necessary hardware for operation.

This challenge ended up becoming the priority of the development team, which now seeks to house the various microphones needed in the smallest possible chassis format – this change is essential for the comfortable use of the equipment. This is due to one of the main functions of Wolverine, which would be the ability to isolate and enhance details of certain voices, among a large group of people. With a huge field of application, the super secret nature of the project is not surprising.

Thanks to the enormous potential of the project, Wolverine could even become an Alphabet company itself in the future. However, this possibility will depend on the performance, quality and economic return of the innovative wearable device – still not expected to be launched. In this sense, it is important to note that the gadget can undergo drastic changes during its development or even be canceled. Thus, it remains to wait for official information to get to know you better.


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