Google Messages has the feature expected for years


Google Messages application has finally released that feature that its users have been requesting for a long time. Now you won’t forget to celebrate a friend’s birthday or any other special occasion with this feature! The application will deliver all of these for you in a timely manner.

Scheduling feature for Google Messages has arrived

Google’s message scheduling feature has started working on the current version of Google Messages as of today. With this feature, you can determine in advance on which day or time the message you want to send to a friend will be delivered. It is also possible to cancel and edit the message in question until the transmission date.

However, it is worth remembering that this feature will not work with your device’s default text messaging application. With the feature that you can use only through Google Messages, you can schedule messages even months after. Congratulatory messages for birthdays, oil lamps, holidays and other special days are thus automatically delivered to the recipient at any time you wish.

This service, which only works on Android phones, is unfortunately not supported for iPhone users. On Android, you can use this practical scheduling tool by going to the Google Play Store store and updating your application. You can also make Google Messages the default SMS application to benefit from the service more efficiently.

For this, all you need to do is go to the Settings page of your device, open the Applications and Notifications window and click the Default Applications option. You can complete this process by checking the Google Messages application from the SMS tab.

How to schedule a message in Google Messages?

After entering the Google Messages app, you should open a chat screen. After typing your message in the text box, you will see an SMS icon with a clock right next to it. Click here and you will see a popup with date and time options.

After the timing window, which you can set until the minute your message will be sent, is completed, you should click the Save button. If your message is also ready, you can now send the message to the other party on time. It is also possible to apply the same process to photos or videos, not just a text-based message. If you want to delete or edit later, you can press and hold on the scheduled message and use these options.

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