Google Messages can be blocked on certain phones


Google Messages may stop working on certain Android devices as of April 2021. According to codes found in the application by XDA Developers, the platform will no longer offer support for smartphones without certification, which can affect Huawei devices, for example .

Version 7.2.203 of the application has a line of code with the following sentence: “On March 31, Messages will stop working on devices without certification”. The warning will appear on smartphones that have not passed Google’s security specifications.

If the information is confirmed, the company must block the use of the application on smartphones that do not have a security certificate as of April. The move is likely to affect mainly Huawei phones, which are under US government bans and have devices without the Google Mobile Services app package.

Guilt of the RCS?

Among the services of the owner of Android, Messages is the easiest application to be downloaded outside the Play Store, since it does not require any form of login to be used. With the change suggested by the codes, however, the tool will become more connected with other Google services.

While the change may decrease the reach of the application, the change should ensure more security for all users of the platform. According to XDA Developers speculation, Google is supposed to distribute Messages only on cell phones certified to meet the privacy specifications of the RCS protocol, which arrives to replace SMS and provides support for end-to-end encryption.

The company started releasing the security feature in the beta version of Google Messaging in December. As ensuring security on cell phones without Android certification would not be a simple task, the company possibly decided to adopt the app lock on certain devices to avoid problems.


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