Google Meet Will Tell You How To Improve The Quality Of Your Conference


Google Meet: During the pandemic, many companies opted for teleworking in order not to lower their productivity. This meant that the offices were moved to the rooms of more than one and that has made the video calling applications have more presence. And this is where Google put a solution called Meet, which will improve with help to make your video calls work better.

A notification to improve the call

There are many reasons why a video call does not work. The quality of the Internet signal, the hardware of your computer, the applications that you have activated at the time, the microphone has not worked as it should … there are many things and sometimes finding what the problem is really takes a lot of time that you could dedicate to be more attentive to the meeting or even to enter on time.

For this, Google will make available to users a “soft notifications” system. This means that the system itself will notify you when it detects that something has not gone as it should or there is a function that requires your attention almost immediately. The clearest examples have to do with things that you can solve quickly and easily, such as connecting the charger if you are using a portable device, checking the connection if the power is low.

According to the statements collected by 9to5Google, ‚Äúthis can be useful in situations where the decrease in available processing resources is affecting the quality of the call, such as when your device automatically reduces the CPU speed to extend the useful life of Battery.” And this case focuses on times to save battery to prioritize autonomy, but surely in other cases you will have to reposition or check that the peripherals are properly connected and working.

A simple notification

That Google works in a capacity so that its users can work in the best conditions is a point in favor. As we told you, these are data that are capable of telling you what problem there is in the video call so that you can solve them as soon as possible. In addition, they will also help you to tell you whether or not you can join a room or if there is someone in line waiting in the same way so that you can spend your time on other things.