Google Meet will receive video funds and design news


Google Meet has received yet another personalization function and now allows you to customize the call fund with videos. In addition, the call service will receive major design and feature news in the coming months.

According to Google, video funds start arriving this week with three options: classroom, forest and party. Unlike the competitor Zoom, the platform only has a select group of backgrounds and does not allow uploading images to be used with the camera, however the company revealed that more options will arrive soon.

According to the company, the videos help ensure more privacy for the user, as they hide the back of their home, and also bring a more irreverent tone to the call.

Data saving and zooming

In addition to the animated background, Google Meet will receive other news soon. Google is working on a data saving mode for the platform, which will improve internet consumption and will be released this month to users in Brazil, Indonesia and India.

Starting next month, all users will also have options to improve the viewing of windows on the platform. The service will allow you to fix content windows, as well as resize and even disable the frame with your camera to free up more space in the grid.

Google Meet will also be featured with new imaging features in the future. One of the news that is coming is the automatic zoom, which uses AI to improve the framing and will be released in the coming months for Google Workspace subscribers.