Google Meet Welcomes News For Meeting Management


Google released yesterday (11), in its official Workspace feed, a series of new features of Google Meet that aim to facilitate the way to control and direct meetings in the communication service. However, the tools available are different for common users and for members of a Google Workspace service team.

The big news is that, from now on, any user will be able to add up to 25 co-hosts to a meeting, allowing them to access and use the same host controls. This means that all nominees can limit who can share screen, send chat messages, and even mute all users and end the meeting.

If you’re a Google Workspace customer, you’ll have the new “Quick Access” settings turned on by default on your Meet, to quickly control who needs to request permission to join a meeting. By disabling the option, meetings can only be started when the host joins.

When will the new Google Meet options be released?

According to the Google blog, features were restricted to Google Workspace for Education customers only. With the updates, they will be extended to all Google Meet users, both desktop and mobile.

The idea is that the release of resources will make life easier for the presenter, allowing him to focus on his main role and be able to delegate tasks such as silencing participants, launching polls and managing the Q&A (questions and answers) to the co-organisers.

The new Google Meet options are scheduled to be released and deployed to the web and Android starting Aug. 16, reaching iOS users on Aug. 30.


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