Google Meet updates layout for video calls on mobile

The new Google Meet update adds a more egalitarian layout for video calls on mobile devices. It will now be possible to see all the participants in the conversation in small blocks on the screen, a visual similar to the desktop version.

Previously, the mobile app only allowed you to view one chat participant at a time. The novelty is now available for iOS and will soon come to Android.

Despite being a simple change, it shows that Google recognizes the importance that video calls have gained in the past year. Meet itself has become an important tool due to the social distance generated by the covid-19 pandemic.

In addition, several companies are adopting remote work as a permanent option. Thus, these small changes have a major impact on usability and, consequently, on the productivity of employees.

Other Google Meet tools

Since it became popular, Google Meet has been adding several tools to improve the user experience. For example, it uses noise canceling technology for calls made on mobile devices running Android and iOS.

Aiming at the corporate environment, the messenger also received an extension that transcribes meetings in real time. In addition, it has an option with support for Portuguese subtitles during live events.

Finally, Meet gives teachers more power and a connection to the Classroom. Thus, they can moderate online classes, leaving students’ microphones on mute and ending calls to prevent people from staying in the room after hours.



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