Google Meet, the extension to transcribe meetings


Google Meet now has an extension capable of transcribing what participants say in real-time meetings. Available for Google Chrome, the add-on made by uses artificial intelligence to transform, in real time, the voice of the call participants into blocks of text.

After installation, the user needs to create an account to use the tool. When active, the extension identifies the meeting participants and transcribes all speeches to a text sheet.

The document generated by artificial intelligence can be edited and also shared. However, the solution only works in the English language, according to the extension page.

Now available in Zoom

It is worth mentioning that has also made its extension available for Zoom, the main competitor of Google Meets, since April last year. On both platforms, however, artificial intelligence ends up making eventual mistakes during use. Therefore, the tip is to always keep an eye on the transcriptions made by the solution.

The tool also displays subtitles in real time during calls. That is, in addition to being a solution for transcribing speeches, the extension that reaches Google Meet can also improve accessibility of meetings.

Google already offers support for real-time subtitles at Meet in some languages ​​and will bring support for the function in Portuguese earlier this year.


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