Google Meet: New Option Adjusts Caller Brightness


Google Meet: From this Monday (20th), Google started the implementation of a new feature on the Google Meet videoconferencing platform.

It is an automated system that is able to detect when a person is in an environment with unbalanced lighting — either because they are in a room that is too dark or too light.

In this way, automatic lighting adjustments try to create a pattern for all participants in the conversation. However, machines that are slower or with more unstable connections may have the performance of the video call compromised if they wish to use the function.

At least for now, only users who have a lighting imbalance will receive a pop-up warning from Google itself to activate the setting.

Gradual release

The option will gradually become available to Google Workspace, G Suite Basic and Business customers, which means that not all users will have access to the feature right from the start.

To release the setting, access the options menu (“More”, identified by three vertical dots), go to “Settings” and tap on the “Video” item. In the menu, turn on the “Adjust video lighting” box.


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