Google Meet: New Design Starts To Be Released for Desktop


Google Meet: Google last month announced a new design for the Google Meet platform and finally started releasing the update. The revamped look is available for the desktop and will come gradually to meeting service users.

According to Google, only 1% of users have already been contemplated with the change. The reason for the slow distribution is possible bugs that may appear when using the new interface.

Google even listed some issues already identified in the new interface that will receive a fix soon. As Android Central points out, none of the bugs are serious enough to make the service unusable, but users have the option to switch back to the old interface until June 10th.

Bugs in the new Meet

According to the company, some users may face problems such as missing image blocks and cropped captions. “This is caused by third-party extensions on Meet,” explains Google.

The company also identified problems with screen sharing in the new edition of Meet. The company’s tip is to use the browser tabbed function and, for the time being, avoid sending windows or the entire screen.

Google also points out that Windows users running Meet on Chrome may experience instability issues on the platform. The company indicates that restarting the browser may resolve the bug.

The new Google Meet for desktop design takes advantage of the larger screen of computers and notebooks to enhance the display of content. The interface adapts the size of the tables to allow more people to participate in meetings.

In addition, the new look brings more freedom in customizing the presentation interface. The user can choose the size of his board at the meeting and fix important content, such as speakers and shared screens.


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