Google Meet expands preview capabilities

With the effect of the Covid-19 epidemic, Google Meet, which has increased its popularity today, where people adopt the remote working method, announced its new feature called “green room” for users to preview audio and video quality.

Google expands Meet preview capabilities

The new feature that will make sure that your video and sound are working properly before entering a meeting promises a more efficient and sustainable conversation experience.

“Are you ready to join?” The Google Meet preview window, which allows you to check if there is anything you do not want the other party to see in the window, continues to gain the appreciation of the users by making the preview window even more comprehensive with its new feature.

Now, while joining a meeting on Google Meet, just click on the “check your voice and video” button in the preview window to confirm that your peripheral devices and network are working properly before entering, thanks to the “green room” feature.

Additionally, Google notes that the new feature can detect issues such as poor sound quality, high background noise, silent microphones, and missing speaker or headphone connection.

It should also be noted that if the new feature detects a problem, it indicates this with a warning message called troubleshooting tips. You will also be able to select the microphone, speaker and camera you want to use in the “green room” if external devices are attached.

The new feature, which is currently being offered to Google Workspace and G Suite users, is expected to be accessible to everyone in the next 15 days.



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