Google Meet Android Version Got The Expected Feature


Google Meet Android got a new feature. A feature used in the web version of Google Meet has also become available for the Android version as of today.

In serious competition with video conferencing applications such as Zoom and Skype, Google Meet announced that a feature it brought to the web version last year is now available for the Android version. Thanks to this feature, which Android users have been waiting for a long time, users will now be able to customize the background in conference calls as they wish.

Background options will be limited at first

Thanks to the new feature, users can easily change their background. In addition to the background options offered by the application, users will have the opportunity to use the image they want as a background. However, these options will be limited to default backgrounds at first. The options will increase after the feature becomes available. On the other hand, Android users can now blur the background in two different ways.

Google said in a statement on the introduction of the new feature: “Having the ability to blur or change the background in the meeting can help you show more of your personality or hide your surroundings if that’s your preference. ” he said.

The background customization feature coming to the Google Meet Android version is available starting today. On the other hand, the background options, which were expected to be limited at first, will be expanded completely in the coming weeks. In addition, Google Meet web users will now be able to add video in their background instead of normal images.

Another issue that was wondered after Google’s announcement was when the feature would come to iOS. However, we do not have clear information about the iOS version for now. However, the information is that the feature will come for iOS in the coming weeks.