Google Meet Android And Web Apps New Background Options


Google Meet Android and web apps new background options. While the importance and popularity of video conferencing applications increased with the pandemic period, it became important to offer extra options within these applications. The ability for users to change their background was also one of the prominent features in this process. Users of the Google Meet Android application will now be able to take advantage of this opportunity. In addition, the background options in Google Meet’s web app are also being increased.

Changing the background may seem like a small thing, but it’s more important to users than you might think. Many people still attend meetings and talks via videoconferencing apps. Here, each participant may not have the appropriate backgrounds for the ambiance of the meeting. Being able to change the background both increases convenience and provides privacy.

The background replacement feature in Google Meet’s web app has been available for a while. However, it will now be possible to take advantage of this opportunity on Android. Users can choose from the background options offered by Google, as well as create their own custom backgrounds. On iOS, this opportunity will be limited to Google Workspace users in the first place.

While the background changing feature is added to the Google Meet Android application, the feature is changed a little more in the web application. Users accessing Google Meet over the web will be able to add videos to their background. It has been announced that this feature will come to mobile devices later on.