Google May Release Android 12.1 Before Android 13


Google: The stable version of Android 12 has not yet been officially released, which should happen in the coming weeks. But that doesn’t stop Google from already starting work for the next major update of the operating system, which could bring a surprise, as pointed out by XDA last Wednesday (8).

According to the publication, the Mountain View company may be working on developing Android 12.1, an intermediate version of the system that would be released before Android 13. The discovery came when site experts analyzed the codes of the fifth and final Android beta. 12.

The developers have found evidence of this possibility in changes made at the operating system API level. The level corresponding to Android 10 was 29, while that of Android 11 was 30 and that of Android 12 was 31, leading to believe that level 32 referred to Android 13.

However, the researchers found that API 32 may be linked to the “sc-v2” version of the system and not the “T” edition. The latter codename would be a reference to Android 13 Tiramisu, while the former would indicate a second version of Android Snow Cone, as Android 12 is also known.

Intermediate updates were common

The release of intermediate updates, such as the possible Android 12.1 pointed out by the site, was a common Google practice. Called for punctual updates, they used to bring minor changes compared to the original version, to facilitate the adaptation of new applications and perform some bug fixes.

The last time the search giant released a one-off update was in 2017, when it released Android 8.1 Oreo a few months after the arrival of version 8.0. The edition that preceded Android 9 Pie gained new navigation buttons, visual changes in the restart and shutdown screens, among other improvements.


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