Google May Reduce Salary for Home Office Employees


Employees in the same Google office who chose to work in a home office before the pandemic have had wage cuts that vary according to the distance from their homes to the company’s headquarters. The information, published by Reuters, this Tuesday (10), shows that the practice continues and that the greater the displacement, the greater the wage reduction.

A Google employee, who asked not to be identified, told Reuters that he travels every day for 2 hours from his home in a county to the company’s Seattle office. He was considering opting to work directly from home full-time, but gave up on learning that he would have a salary cut of about 10%.

The calculation, which is done by the Work Location tool, launched in June, has discouraged some workers from staying in a home office. According to the employee interviewed, the cut in salary is high and he concludes: “I didn’t work hard to be promoted, and then I received a cut in my pay”.

Other companies also cut home office workers’ salaries

The practice of lowering salaries for employees who prefer to work remotely by moving to cheaper regions is also common in large companies such as Facebook and Twitter. Smaller companies, such as Reddit, do not discriminate whether the work is performed inside or outside the company, focusing only on benefits aimed at retention and diversity.

A Google spokesman told Reuters that the company will not change an employee’s salary because he leaves the office and prefers to stay 100% in the home office, as long as it is in the same city where the work is located and explains which employees who work remotely in New York City continue to earn the same salary anywhere in the metropolis.

However, Google did not comment on the case of people who live in neighboring towns such as Stamford, which is 66 kilometers from the Big Apple.


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