Google may merge Duo and Meet to rival Zoom


While many companies have broken down in the midst of this endless pandemic, which has already killed more than 106,000 people in Brazil, others have grown alarmingly, as was the case with streaming services, e-commerce and also apps for videoconferencing.

Google currently offers two different video chat apps, Duo and Meet, each designed for a different type of use and audience types.

However, neither currently has the popularity of Zoom, which has recently been sued for misleading advertising regarding its encryption – so the search giant may be planning a strategy to “steal” the spotlight.

According to information published by 9to5Google, Javier Soltero, head of the G Suite who took over in May of that year, began to comment internally that there was no reason for the Duo and Meet to coexist.

Apparently, the way that Google intends to try to capture part of the Zoom market is by merging the two apps into one, which possibly should take the name of Meet and “kill” the Duo.

This would also be a beautiful way to simplify the user’s life, especially what is not so well known in the technological environment and which can end up being confused with more than one option for videoconferences.

In this time of pandemic, Google further strengthened the Meet, adding new features to keep it on the same level as Zoom – the Duo also gained updates, now supporting up to 32 participants (which still do not even come close to the 100 supported by the competitor).

At Meet and Duo, the Mountain View gigantic undoubtedly has enough resources to go head-to-head with its main rival, it remains to be seen whether this merger will deliver an interesting user experience.

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Some sources suggest that the new app may actually end up being called Duet (a merger of the names Duo and Meet), and that it would basically be a “Meet that should inherit several functions from Duo” and, at the same time, offer a enhanced security, something that Zoom still lacks.

It remains to be seen whether Apple will also invest heavily to improve FaceTime amid this war for the spotlight on video calls, although now, Tim Cook’s company has much worse to worry about.


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